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New Dream

Our Acting Workshops

An Immersive And Experiential Workshop

Unlock Your Star Potential with New Dream Productions. Embark on an unforgettable journey through our revolutionary acting workshop, meticulously crafted to replicate a live film set. Seize this unparalleled opportunity to shine on Southeast Queensland's premier acting platform and elevate your craft now.


Imagine immersing yourself in the very heart of filmmaking. Our workshop isn't just another class—it's your direct pathway to preparing you for real acting jobs.  What makes us stand out? An operational film set equipped with a dedicated crew and cinematic cameras, capturing your brilliance. You won't just gain invaluable acting skills—you'll also walk away with professional headshots, professional behind-the-scenes photographs, and a short clip for your showreel among other benefits.  


Dreams are meant to be lived, not just imagined. Dive headfirst into this immersive experience, reshaping your acting journey from the ground up. New Dream Productions isn't merely a workshop; it's your catalyst to success. 

Self-Tape Coaching

New Dream Productions offers self-tape coaching opportunities in a private setting.  With our personalized coaching, you'll experience a transformative learning experience that readies you to shine in auditions and stand out from the competition. We are dedicated to honing your audition techniques, equipping you with the skills to captivate casting directors. Through one-on-one sessions, you'll receive insightful feedback, specialized exercises, and guidance tailored to your unique strengths and areas for improvement.  


In today's fast-paced industry, the ability to create high-quality self-tapes quickly is a crucial skill. We will guide you through the process, sharing insider tips on lighting, camera setup, framing, and more. You'll learn how to showcase your performance effectively, ensuring your self-tapes truly stand out. Moreover, the demand for self-tapes can arise unexpectedly, often with tight submission deadlines. Our coaching prepares you to produce self-tapes promptly without sacrificing quality. You'll gain the confidence to deliver polished self-tapes under pressure, showcasing your versatility and professionalism.  


Navigating the audition landscape can be challenging, but we’re here to help. You'll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to thrive. From mastering audition techniques to excelling in self-tape production, you'll elevate your craft and boost your chances of landing coveted roles.



Our Production Company

New Dream Productions is a film and screen production company forged in 2022 by the visionary David Cook.


Fuelled by an unwavering passion for storytelling, David embarked on a mission to give voice to narratives that stirred his soul. The inception of New Dream Productions marked not just the birth of a company, but the realization of a creative dream.

Within the heart of the company's journey lies David's resolute commitment. As a writer, producer, actor and director, he developed and directed his debut feature, Heart of the Man, a film that transcends boundaries and carries a piece of his soul in each scene. This achievement, backed by the exceptional skills of Australia's foremost post-production hub, The Post Lounge, has earned its place on the coveted stage of the Cannes Film Market in 2023.


Under David's guidance, New Dream Productions has swiftly blossomed into a powerhouse, breathing life into music videos, short films, and a compelling television pilot.


As New Dream Productions continues to script its own chapters, David's role as a filmmaker of authentic, heartfelt narratives shines brightly.

Our Alumni


Please read our client testimonials to learn about the transformative experiences and remarkable impact our workshop has had on the people whose opinion matters most.

headshot max roth.jpeg

Max Roth

"New Dream Productions brings a fresh new approach to learning....I had such a fun day doing exactly what I love to do througout the whole workshop. I also appreciated being able to work alongside other passionate teens and adults alike. I highly recommend this workshop!"

heashot shone.jpg

Shonee Samia

"This workshop isn't your typical class setting where you learn a script and wait your turn to perform in front of a camera. Dave's workshop is hands on, I barely sat down the entire time. You learn the realities of acting in a live pressure, practical set environment' - with real crew!

I highly recommend!"

mark matousek headshot.jpeg

Marc Matousek

"David Cook's amazing acting workshops and lessons are truly unforgettable. Throughout the workshops and lessons, I am always impressed by his ability to connect with each participant and bring out their unique talents....I highly recommend David's workshops to anyone looking to enhance their acting abilities and gain confidence in their craft...."

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